Brent A. Charleton MA LMFT

I have over 14+ years experience in the mental health and wellness fields. I am a Licensed Psychotherapist (CA LMFT- MFC 50571), Life Coach and Consultant in private practice with offices in Los Angeles and Austin.

I specialize in treating the core issues that keep people from succeeding in their lives. These core issues often manifest themselves in a variety of ways. Common manifestations are: An Inability to reach your maximum potential in one, several or all key areas of your life, Co-Addiction, Drug or Alcohol Abuse, Depression, Anxiety, Prescription Drug Dependence, Eating Disorders, Co-Dependence and Relational Problems with partners, spouses, children, friends, colleagues and customers.

Through uncovering and resolving the core issues driving clients problems, I help my clients to unblock whats holding them back while providing a structure and laying groundwork for clients to get the absolute most out of their chosen lives. This is accomplished in a fraction of the time and expense of most other methods. The treatment I provide is unique, personalized and intensive.